BWS Camber Plates- FR S/BRZ/GR86 2012+

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Our BWS extra camber plates for the FRS, BRZ and GR86 are finally ready!

After much R&D, it is time to release them. You can achieve -7 degrees of camber with no modifications to your chassis. These plates will position the top nut (large 21mm nut which secures the coilover shaft to the pillow ball mount) of your coilover to the outer extremity of your strut tower opening. This is the maximum camber adjustment before you must notch your towers. These plates offer an additional -4 degrees over our standard plates. Will also feature beautiful GT86 & BROADWAY engravings to highlight this special first delivery of our new line of billet camber plates.

Our BWS extra camber plates will fit the following coilovers*

  • Broadway Suspension
  • Fortune Auto
  • BC racing
  • Airlift Performance
  • Megan Racing
  • Silver's NA

*Will also fit any brand of coilover, if you use our pillow ball mount which is an additional $80.00 for the pair 



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