BMW Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement Plates (Sold In Pairs)

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The rear shock tower on ANY BMW 3 Series before E9x has a common weak spot, and it's the sheetmetal fir the rear shock towers. It's thin and gets easily stressed and worn out. When your suspension wears down, they start bottoming-out more often, transferring all that energy through the bump stop (if you still have one) and into the metal chassis.  To further the issue, if you've got stiffer shocks and shock mounts, they put even more strain on that thin sheetmetal. As the car ages, racks up mileage, and faces different environmental conditions, shock tower failures become a regular occurrence. BMW tried to fix this with their own reinforcements on Z3s but you guessed it! Our reinforcements are not only thicker and stronger but also much easier on the eyes. The toughest of parts, that carry the most load can be pretty too. All you need to do is mount this kit on top of the shock tower—bolt it or weld it in place. DO NOT wait until your towers blow out to do this, trust do not want to deal with a blown shock tower over neglecting to install this super affordable part.

This isn't just any RSM reinforcement, this is a BROADWAY reinforcement for Z3, Z4, E30, E36, and E46...our bread and butter. With this reinforcement plate, rest easier knowing it's OUR part and we have your back.

These reinforcement plates are compatible with all E46, E36, Z3, and Z4 models BUT NOT 3 SERIES CONVERTIBLE. The vert towers are slightly different and will require modification.

Pair our new Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement with all rear shocks of superior quality, enabling your dampers to function optimally and providing the peace of mind that your shock towers will always stay strong. Experience the true potential of your suspension system and the difference that a 100% made in USA BROADWAY Suspension component can do for your BMW.

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