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If you have ever researched how to improve the handling of your E9X or E82, you will undoubtedly read about camber caster plates. These are tools to achieve a precision alignment for any McPherson front suspension car.

Camber caster plates are a simple modification that can be added to a McPherson suspension system to adjust the camber and caster angles. By adjusting these angles, you can improve your vehicle's handling and performance in several ways.

Long story , short: camber caster plates can improve your vehicle's cornering ability. When you adjust the camber angle, you're essentially tilting the tire more toward the inside of the turn. This means that more of the tire's contact patch is in contact with the road, which can provide better grip and traction. This can lead to better cornering speeds and more stability through turns.

Second, camber caster plates can improve your vehicle's straight-line stability. When you adjust the caster angle, you're essentially changing the angle of the steering axis. This can affect the way your vehicle tracks straight down the road. By adjusting the caster angle, you can improve your vehicle's stability at high speeds and reduce the tendency for the vehicle to wander or drift. ALL E CHASSIS BMWS BENEFIT TREMENDOUSLY FROM ADDING CASTER.

Here are some benefits to expect:

  1. Improved High-Speed Stability: Adjusting the caster angle can have a significant impact on your vehicle's high-speed stability. When you increase the caster angle, the tire contact patch becomes larger and more stable. This results in better straight-line stability and a reduction in the tendency for your vehicle to wander or drift at high speeds.

  2. Better Steering Response: Adjusting the caster angle can also improve your vehicle's steering response. With a positive caster angle, the steering wheel tends to return to the center position after a turn. This means that your vehicle responds more quickly and accurately to steering inputs, resulting in a more precise and predictable driving experience.

  3. Reduced Steering Effort: Adjusting the caster angle can also reduce the amount of steering effort required to turn the wheels. With a positive caster angle, the tire contact patch is angled backward, which creates a "self-centering" effect. This means that the wheels will tend to straighten out on their own, reducing the amount of effort required to steer the vehicle. * effort does not equal "steering feel"

  4. Better Braking Performance: Adjusting the caster angle can also improve your vehicle's braking performance. With a positive caster angle, the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the front wheels, which increases their grip on the road. This results in better braking performance and shorter stopping distances.


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