BMW Adjustable Rear Shock Mounts (Sold In Pairs)

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Our new MULTIAXIAL Rear Shock Mounts are highly recommended for those seeking optimal performance from their car's high-end racing shocks. If you're currently using rubber, polyurethane, or upgraded non-solid rear shock mounts, you are 100% leaving performance on the table.

All QUALITY suspensions are designed to control the movement of your chassis with precision. That is why better suspension is more is more accurate and requires higher level technicians, special tools etc to effectively implement this new found potential accuracy. We have measured a typical "performance" rear shock mounts to permit approximately 12mm (roughly 1/2"!) of uncontrolled motion due to flexing and shifting of the upper shaft mount. At that point, you are not using your 3, 4, 5, or over 10k suspension's precision damping. On small bumps and road inconsistencies, your suspension is that little generic rubber bushing and not your dampers and springs. Considering the investment and research you've done, why would you want to limit the ability of the precision built damper to dampen?

This isn't just any RSM, this is a BROADWAY EVO RSM for Z3, Z4, E30, E36, and E46...our bread and butter. the rear upper spring perch has a radial bearing which allows your spring to oscillate properly during a compression and not bind. Your spring wants to twist on compression, this lets it do just that so you keep your rates consistent throughout the spring's stroke. Do not overlook this feature. The housing is 6061-T6, the stud ring is 304SS which is laser engraved AND threaded for easy bolt replacement with any M8x1.25 bolt in a pinch.  Not to mention, the stud ring makes install a breeze. BUT the biggest deal is that they are adjustable! This is a GAME CHANGER for people wanting to convert a traditional shock to a true coilover. When you place the spring on the shock, your tire will 100% rub on your spring and/or lower spring perch. This will allow you to move the shock out of the way of making contact with your wheel/tire. This is also ideal for people running huge tires and/or custom suspension set ups that need adjustment.

These mounts are compatible with all E46, E36, Z3, and Z4 models. However, please note that additional parts may be required to install.  For a true rear conversion you will need an extra lower spring perch and likely a longer and softer spring as when you move your spring from your control arm to directly on your shock, your spring rates will feel dramatically different. ( ex: an 18k OEM divorced set up will feel like a 36k if you just move your spring to your shock. we would recommend a 8.5 or 9k spring on your true rear to feel like your 18k OEM style rear.) We also HIGHLY recommend a helper spring AND spherical bottom mounts as well. This will allow you more adjustment and an easier time all around.

Pair our new MULTIAXIAL Rear Shock Mounts with all rear shocks of superior quality, enabling your dampers to function optimally. Experience the true potential of your suspension system and the difference that a 100% made in USA BROADWAY Suspension component can do for your BMW.

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