BWS BMW Camber + Caster Plates F80 F82 F83

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 Designed for aggressive GRIP alignments which older legacy BMW parts simply cannot achieve easily without a myriad of supporting parts. This is a big part of the secret to getting our cars to handle exceptionally. 


304 STAINLESS Load distribution rings

304 STAINLESS stud rings

6061 T6  ALUMINUM plate and bearing housing type 2 anodized. 


E36 & E46 will have more camber AND caster adjustment than any plate available on the market as of this release. 

E9X will be limited by the strut tower opening but will have adjustment beyond the OEM strut tower opening should you choose to modify your chassis. You will be able to adjust as much as either your strut tower opening will allow or even farther with clearance modifications.

F8X will allow as much camber as your M strut tower bar will allow. Our F8x plates will achieve approximately -1 more degrees of negative camber than any other plate on the market. This plate has FIXED OEM caster adjustment. 

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